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Letting the GINI out of the bottle: Income inequality in America

Image by Roman Kruglov

Wage Distribution for South Dakota

Dataset: Source:

Wage Distribution for Mississippi

Dataset: Source:

Wage Distribution for California

Dataset: Source:
  2. United Nations Development Program
  3. However, when income data isn’t readily available for a geographical unit, the site defaults to the closest comparable location (often state-level data). For instance, the Gini for the NY-NJ-PA metro area uses income data from New York, while Lubbock, Texas uses the Gini for Texas.
  4. 2010 US Census of Population and Housing, Population and Housing Unit Counts
  5. For Federal workforce levels by state, see at; for information on the Alaska Permanent Fund, see the fund’s site at
Daniel Armstrong
Daniel Armstrong
Deloitte Consulting LLP, Analytics and Information Management
Dan Armstrong is a Senior Specialist at Deloitte focusing on analytics and data visualization. He previously worked for The Economist, Forbes and The Globecon Group, a boutique training firm that educates bankers in capital markets and derivatives.
He has a BA in anthropology and an MBA in finance and research methods. As recounted in Dreams of My Father, Dan was Barack Obama’s editor in the president’s first job out of college.